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Guidelines & Rules

ABBAVillage List Rules

These rules and posting guidelines must be read, agreed to and adhered to by all members of ABBA Village. ABBA Village is the second generation of the groundbreaking internet mailing list, ABBAMAIL. During ABBAMAIL's 12 year history, fans from around the globe formed an online community and ABBA Village endeavors to keep that vibrant spirit alive by serving as a place for the core of passionate fans to stay connected, continue their communication, and to share ABBA-related news and events with one another via an internet mailing list. ABBAVillage is an interactive mailing list. We encourage subscribers to write in with news, views and opinions. Translations and transcriptions of ABBA related articles are always welcome. ABBAVillage is a community of ABBA fans and the majority of discussion on the list is about the wide world of ABBA. That includes not only the four members of ABBA and their music, but also their families, their associates, other Swedish music artists and groups with an ABBA connection and more. Additionally, ABBAVillage list subscribers can also send in posts about what's going on in their own world - significant issues and situations happening in their own personal lives, world events etc. The general focus is on ABBA but it is primarily through the non-ABBA related discussions that the connections and friendships between list subscribers happen. That is a key factor that made ABBAMAIL the most incredible ABBA fan community in the world - the genuine friendships that developed between subscribers around the world. ABBA Village is determined to keep that spirit alive and is one of the core values here. Many subscribers have actually travelled to other cities and countries to meet up with fellow fans. This aspect has proven to be a very fulfilling part of the list. The goal of ABBAVillage is to continue that tradition of connections which began on ABBAMAIL and provide a place to discuss ABBA and the comings and goings in your life. Of course, you may choose to read the list posts and not actively participate.  However, active participation is how you get the most out of being on ABBA Village.

Some things to remember when posting an email to the list...

1. The address for posts to the list is ; send all posts to this address. 2. If you are sending in a post that is completely non ABBA related, use the prefix NAR: in your subject header; 3. If you are sending in a post that is semi-ABBA related, use the prefix SAR: in your subject header; 4. Always make sure your subject header is relevant to the subject(s) you are covering in your post to the list; 5. When you reply to a message on ABBA Village, you should decide whether it is best to send your reply to the whole list or just to the person who sent in the original post; 6. When you reply to a message on ABBAVillage, delete all the unnecessary text from any email that you are responding to. Only quote the one or two lines that you are specifically commenting on. This makes it easier and faster for everyone else to read your post; 7. Make sure you use line breaks - don't send a long post in as one continuous paragraph because it is hard for fellow subscribers to read; 8. The maximum signature allowed for posts to ABBAMAIL is 10 lines of text. You may not use any graphics (pictures, logos etc) in your signature. We want the list emails to be easy to read and quick for everyone to download; 9. If you are confused or unhappy about the way the list is run, always write directly to ABBA Village Administration at rather than to the whole list; 10. Don’t advertise products or services for sale/swap on the list. If you are in doubt about this, always send an email to the ABBA Village Administrator to discuss individual requests; 11. It is okay to send in a critical post about ABBA or the wider ABBA world - we encourage free-flowing debate and discussion. Just remember that you can make your point without being abusive; 12. If you're responding to a message, make sure you're adding something new to the thread or expanding on it - add your own contribution or unique perspective to the melting pot. The rules and posting guidelines for the ABBA Village list may be updated as situations demand. The list is a living, breathing community that needs to operate by a common set of rules and guidelines to make sure everyone gets the most benefit from their list subscription. Keep a copy of this email for reference. If changes are made to the rules, you will receive an updated version.
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Guidelines & Rules